Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Ballad of Sergeant Schultz

Rogers (Roy) was still a star
When I came on the scene,
With Charles Schulz’s comic strip
In every magazine.

But then Hogan and his heroes
Appeared on TV shortly
And brought with them a new namesake
Both incompetent and portly.

“I see nothing,” Schultz would say,
To my classmate’s jubilation.
He knew nothing, nothing heard . . .
Until their cancellation.

Then Robert Crane was murdered
And Sergeant Schultz had gone
And reruns of that prison camp
Were hardly ever shown.

So, I suppose the lesson is
To name kids carefully,
In spite of which we named our boy
After Mister Bean.


  1. naming kids is kind of personal or tricky.

    a fun perspective.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. That's really cute. I like Mister Bean. Of course, I know nothing. xoXox

  3. fun poem, although I think kids will find jubilation in picking on anybody's name

  4. Haha, cute. Not at all what I was expecting.

  5. haha... naming kids is kinda tricky...i agree...they always carry specific names like a heritage..

  6. ha! droll and fitting ~ M

  7. That was fun - and naming children is not as easy as some people seem to think. Honestly, some of the names people give totheri children are so thoughtless - almost guaranteeing a life of being bullied and embarrassed.

  8. Some parents have a lot to answer for, specially those phoney celebs! Great ballad.

  9. Fun write Roy and some parents do indeed have a lot to answer for.
    Anna :o]

  10. How could one not click on a linky link with a name like that?
    Fun and nostalic at the same time. What's in a name? A lot of embarrassment, that's what.

  11. Oh! That is a fun read. :-)


  12. Tricky ballad. Rowan is kind of poetic?

    1. Colour me impressed! We did indeed name our first son Rowan. Fortunately for him, that particular connection isn't nearly as strong as it was between me and the Sergeant.

  13. What not to name a baby is so crucial... actually there is some sense in the old roman way... Primus Secundu .... etc... at least it's objective


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