Monday, June 28, 2010

Trust No One Under Forty

Richard had to work at Fort York during the G20 summit. All was pleasantly quiet unlike the sad events at Queen and Spadina where cops sent both Black Bloc morons and polar-fleeced Vegans flying. I watched it all unfold on CP24 and wondered if I am the same person who sat with the Mohawks at the Oka standoff and sent donuts to the natives holed up at the Revenue Canada building? I attended Animal Alliance meetings and sent money to pro-choice groups. I’m not sure why I’m so derisive of the G20 protestors, but it all adds up to forty-seven.


  1. Maybe it's not that we are older, it's that the "protest" over the weekend turned into sensless trashing of our city. I've heard people envoking the memory of Tieneman Square as a comparison of the "police brutality" in Toronto. Honestly?? In my mind that tarnishes the memory of the truly heroic students of China to compare their actions and their deaths to a few people getting a bit roughed up and tossed in a holding cell for a couple of hours.

  2. Tieneman Square indeed. I think you've got something here, Barb


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