Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Roncesvalles Matron

Usually Melissa enjoyed her maternity leave from CBC. But today she was run off her Hunters. Between dropping little Chester off at the Montessori and taking him to Baby Signing lessons she had 120 minutes in which to pick up that special $20.00 Beavergrass from the local organic plant shop, take her Pug to the groomers to get his anal gland squeezed and order a roast from the ethical butcher. Ensconced in her Rav 4 enroute to the school she became wistful when she drove past the yoga studio, but soon brightened. “After all...” she mused “tomorrow is another day.”

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  1. I came across Exquisite Corpse today for the first time. I especially like this post here.

    I find 100 words is much more poetic and interesting than Twitter's 160 characters; it's personal and allows the authour introspection while 160 characters is very external... it's like comparing browsing inside a store to window shopping.


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