Friday, January 28, 2011

Flushes With Fame

My friend, Myna, once found herself face to face with Leonard Cohen and had the bravado to introduce herself and the presence of mind to have somebody take a picture of them. So now she has a framed photo proudly hung up on her wall as a lovely memento and proof that she actually met the great man. Such opportunities have presented themselves to me several times, and I have always messed up by hanging back shyly, or worse, by saying something stupid. Given my luck, if I managed to get a picture it would probably be out of focus.

The star of the play actually came over to talk to me at the opening night party after the show. I cannot remember his name, but he had a significant TV presence at the time, usually as a guest supporting actor supplying comic relief on various sitcoms. I was standing at the buffet, grazing on the offerings and I was truly awe-struck that he singled me out like that. He put out his hand and introduced himself and I was so flustered that I answered with my mouth still full of half-chewed grape, which ended up gracing his lapel.

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