Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Squeak Loudly

The CN Tower advertised their bar saying you could enjoy a view of the city without having to buy the expensive ticket up to the observation deck. I suggested this to Steve for a romantic date. Although many window seats were free, they wanted to seat us behind a partition that blocked the view. We were told we could visit to the observation deck after our drinks. I somewhat loudly complained that we did not take the trouble to come up to sit behind a partition. We were quickly seated, but poor Steve was embarrassed at the scene I made.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease. I learned this early on from my nervy mother who never shrank from speaking up for what she felt was right. There were countless incidents where I stood hunched over with embarrassment while she vented or complained to managers, teachers, or worst of all, complete strangers on the street. But I guess it rubbed off on me, probably because I observed how she effectively got her way most of the time. Now I take great pleasure in embarrassing my kids in the same way. I hope, in time, it rubs off on them, too.

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