Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Strength in Sisterhood

It was a gorgeous Saturday afternoon and my dorm roommate, Becky, invited me out for a drive. Stopped at a red light in the centre of Banff, Becky started yelling ‘Sarah!’ out the window. A woman who was crossing the street in front of us looked up in surprise and came over to the car. Nobody was more surprised than me to see that Sarah was an acquaintance I knew from Ontario College of Art. And it turned out that she was also Becky’s old high school friend from Chicago, as well. How many coincidences is that, all rolled into one?

Sarah was not just an acquaintance from school, but the woman for whom my boyfriend, Karl, had ditched me. By the time Becky and I ran into her in Banff, he had ditched her, too. Our shared experience with Karl bonded us, and when I got back to Toronto after my summer at The Banff School of Fine Arts, I looked her up and we had some good times together. The sisterhood of Karl’s ex-girlfriends seems to stretch far and wide. I discovered one of my best friends, who I met in my current neighbourhood, also went out with Karl.

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