Wednesday, March 23, 2011


In 2003, when SARS made headlines, it was all I could do to keep Rich from licking the handrails at Spadina station. The ramifications of this act, he wagered, might allow him to take part in self-imposed exile. He would go to that extent to avoid people. I am the opposite. As any good Myers-Briggs corporate consultant will tell you, I get my energy from being near the people I love. Even those people that I only like a little bit will do in a pinch. Unless there’s a cat or a dog around. Then I’d rather talk to them.

Everyone knows that introverts are cooler than extraverts. But a decent gathering needs its share of the latter. Just not too many at once. Like its own fire code, the number of extraverts present in one room at any given time should be limited. And the bigger the personalities, the fewer per room. For example, perhaps one jaded television actor for three social workers or two real estate agents for each Clean Air Coalition/La Leche advocate/Nia instructor. You can invite as many musicians and movie producers as you like. They don’t talk much. But keep an eye on your booze.

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