Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Garbage In Garbage Out

I would like to see the giant patches of floating garbage that have formed in the North Pacific. It must be a truly majestic site – proof of how much humans love their planet. If it was not for the fact that air travel is so utterly damaging to our atmosphere, I would require all the inhabitants of ‘developed’ countries to be flown over these patches and witness what our culture of consumption and waste has created. I read in the paper today that, even in remote sections of the ocean, fish are being found with plastic pellets in their stomachs.

I do not like fish and I am constantly told ‘but they are so healthy for you!’ These days, when I hear about all the filth in our lakes and oceans, I wonder how anybody could still believe that. I would think, given that oceans are the final repository for everything that washes off the land, down our rivers, and out of our skies, that fish would be the last thing on the earth that anybody would want to eat. But it seems that people will keep on pulling them out of the ocean until they are fished into extinction.


  1. Hi MJ, I'm a friend of Laurie's.
    Check this vid if you haven't seen it yet (long opening credits, but worth the wait- it features Werner Herzog as narrator)
    Stephen Balen

  2. That is quite a touchingly beautiful video.


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