Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sudden Popularity

It embittered her to see websites getting thousands of hits per day that consisted of nothing more than a webcam pointed into some tiresome adolescent’s bedroom. How could people find that so interesting and not the wonderfully useful tips on green living that she posted daily – seemingly into the void? There appeared to be nobody checking out the sage advice she provided in her blog. The world was just full of ignoramuses she decided, but continued to doggedly maintain her cherished website, full of suggestions for reducing power consumption and properly recycle waste. Maybe someday people would learn.

She added a section on crafts one could create from all that excess packaging that is so hard to avoid, even when shopping carefully. Plastic bags could be twisted and woven into doormats, perhaps a little lumpy, but perfectly serviceable. Tin cans became shiny wind chimes. She looked around her little bungalow, now pleasingly adorned with all her ideas for re-using waste. “Reduce Re-use Recycle,” she intoned. Her twenty or so cats, in particular, had benefited from her ingenuity. They had no shortage of play-toys. Now people were responding, but she thought maybe they were laughing at her.

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