Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I’ve always been the first to admit, with some regret, that you could fit all the girls I’ve ever slept with into the backseat of a mid-sized sedan; but now here they are, with me behind the wheel and plenty of seatbelts to go around.
     Some party…
     I’m the only one who knows everyone, but it’s they with the something in common, so of course, that’s all they’re talking about, and having a grand time, too, reminding each other of my many faults, whereas I, as the guy ultimately responsible for all this, can’t take my eyes off the road.

Image from ”Going Down to Liverpool” by the Bangles.


  1. ha. and you know before too long its all going to come spilling out of that back seat...but maybe if you focus on the road it wont...and who would attack the driver of a moving car anyway...ha

  2. quality over quantity :)

  3. Sounds very much like my idea of a nightmare... *grin* But written with such a light touch that it made me smile! Lovely!

  4. ouch.. that would be something I would not care to listen to... and yes a very small sedan...

  5. Ah that made me laugh, and smile, and then feel a bit bad for you...great piece with wry wit and it is probably good you kept your eyes on the road - :-)

  6. Now that was very creative! haha


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