Friday, December 9, 2011


Mom was a closet divorcée so to shield me from the awkward truth, she eradicated any trace of documentation linking her to her ex-husband, Barney the Beelzebub. There were no wedding albums, no annulment papers no mementos of any kind. Even her marriage license to dad had been strategically Exacto-knifed. Once I found a photograph of her and some coot pulling pints. She blanched when I asked who he was, but instantly recovered, “Just some man who let me behind the bar for a picture.” It was a rather uninteresting dive so I didn’t pursue it. Probably just as well.

Image: Found.


  1. My mom had some of those pics with cutouts too. I never asked, she never told.

  2. I found a new hero in this mother. I enjoyed reading this very much, do clever and cathartic.

  3. My grandmother used to cut the heads of people in her old photos. I always found it rather disturbing.


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