Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cunning and the Cat Lady

Don’t think for a minute I’m fooled by the mouse. I know the rules. I’m hip to the deal. For two square a day, all I need do is look cute. It’s a good gig, although I was furious when she got rid of ma boys. (That fucking vet!) So now, I’m a wallflower at the nightly back-lane caterwauling session. Oh, I get her back, all the time – but in small ways. I pee on her rug and scratch holes in her drapes. I cough up hairballs on her bed. Now and then, I leave a doo-doo on her shoe.

Photo: Laurie Leclair


  1. Not to mention fending off the dogs! Wonderful picture.

  2. cats boys will be gone in a week...guess i have this to look forward to...smiles.


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