Friday, June 22, 2012

NYC 2012, It’s too damn hot.

This heat, is the hot that is all encompassing, forever touching and licking you salty to saltier. It’s pore awakening, lung breaking, dripping, sticking, shrilling things like: “Don’t even look at me” sort of scorch. “Even your balls call it getting too close.” Ceiling fan spinning overhead mixing tepid air hot, just whirling the atmosphere dizzy. Sexy barely there outfits on bikes, shinny reflective surfaces wet your vision. Walkers, snail through the city streets being slowed by the gum stretching along relentlessly a pink string growing blacker with every slumbrous step, collecting all manner of memories with them.

Image: Cec LePage photo of a planet documentary as seen on PBS.


  1. Thanks Roy, love Arthur Miller and what a great story! Rich with texture, now that's what I call too damn hot, with no reprieve.


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