Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Sand along the Streetcar Tracks

Sand on streetcar tracks in WashingtonParkThose drifts of sand along the streetcar tracks? They’re from an ocean that covers Toronto in an alternate dimension. The sand sidles over, fine enough to reach us; the more you dwell on it, the more you’ll fathom the signs. Shell stations. Mhm. A suburban drywalled street named “Water”. An unaccountable odor of washed-up, long-popped seaweed.
     Lately that ocean’s been welling up again, resurging. Grinding memory into longing, then – and there – into here-and-now, and soon enough you'll find yourself scanning the shelves of Loblaws for a can of sardines that still opens with a key, salt slipping down your cheek.

Photo: David Heyburn.


  1. Ossington bus platform was a veritable Lido yesterday.

  2. ha. interesting verse....the alternate universe canada bleeding into this will have to be pretty strong to get me back on sardines though...ha


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