Monday, April 29, 2013

Please read this “Please Read Me First” post first, please!

I’ve been writing these stories since 2001 and have, at last count, polished off 817 of the things—81,700 words—or something like a whole novel’s worth of disjointed thought.
        And even if it has taken me more than a decade, I am now finally flirting with the idea of publishing some.
        And I’d really like your help.
        I need you to tell me, right off the top of your head, which you’ve liked best. Don’t go looking, just post a comment or send a note describing your favourites as best you remember.
        Those are the ones I will count.

Photo by Jeremy Sterk, Pier 12 Photography.


  1. Can't really say. It's that you're funny without being TOO snarky, with a clever word or phrase.r

  2. Not all that interested in the stories because I prefer photos. Kate, ABC Team

  3. Oh I wish I could help you but I have to agree with Roger - I love coming here because your stories are all wonderfully short with a bit of snark and all entertaining. I am so sorry I can't help you more but you might, from now on ask us to comment on which ones we like most.

  4. The ones about your adolescence.

  5. I just love the creative way you put your stores together, Any of them would be great published.


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