Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Brave Bird

Today on a run I almost stepped on a squat little robin. He hopped out of my way just in time and I stopped to take a look. The first trip from the nest? The first flight? He was still getting the knack of it, and his momma was not happy with the interest I was showing. She screeched and squawked and fluttered past my head, and I got her message. See, she had more than herself to consider; that’s why she stood her ground. That’s courage, not attitude. And I did what all reasonable animals do: I ran away.

Image:  Copyright ©2009 Maria Langer at Flying M Photos


  1. Very sensible! I have had to usher babies out from the back of our garage- where they had sat gawping, while mom tried to lure them out-(from the outside!)

  2. I never realized that adolescent robins also suffer from "spots."


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