Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Where have you gone, Vicki Gabereau?

A friend of mine once found himself studying overseas, finally putting to use the Japanese lessons his parents had forced him to take. To that end, he took to making puns that could only be understood by people with a working knowledge of two languages—something I’d only ever appreciated in the abstract, until yesterday, when I wrote a tweet I thought particularly funny, but which could only be untangled by someone who knew their Simon and Garfunkel, followed Toronto politics (circa 1974), listened to CBC Radio, and still had enough wits about them to pull the whole thing together.


  1. I guess I wouldn't find it "funny' since I don't follow those.
    I do like your take on using it for the letter C.

  2. Vivacious Vick has left and gone away...

  3. If you follow the links, you'll learn an important piece of Toronto history: In 1974, Rosy the Clown (Vicki G.) ran against a popular incumbent mayor and lost. In 2010, the clown won.

  4. I get the pleasure quite regularly of seeing Vicki Gabereau on B.C.'s Knowledge Network - still the same wit and humour I used to listen to on CBC back when....

  5. Vicki is on Knowledge Network - we see her regularly when we tune in for Heartbeat and other such British shows. She has aged, but then haven't we all. lol

    abcw team

  6. The monkey mascot H'Angus was elected mayor for Hartlepool here on the 'free bananas for schoolchildren'. slogan. There could have been a few puns made that also would have been impenetrable. (The history is during the Napoleonic Wars the residents hung a monkey because they through it was a French spy

    1. Excellent! The more obscure the better. I think you've won.


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