Friday, December 5, 2014

The Sounds of the Season

The Sounds of the Season are ringing out at CBC today, “as we celebrate the holiday season with fans and raise thousands of dollars for GTA food banks.”
I’m all for a shindig. And this must be, what, the thirtieth year or so for this one? It’s an institution. Today many people will run in to throw some shekels in a hat and nudge past some kid on a crutch to get at Shakura S’Aida. (“God bless us, every one!” the kid shreiks embarrassingly: no sense of decorum, him.) Then it’s back into the Uber and on to Best Buy.

Image: CBC.

1 comment:

  1. There was a time—back in the days of Andy Barrie and Jim Curran—when I really did want to attend one of these, but alas I was too busy. Now that that is no longer a problem—again alas—I simply have no great affection for the current crew. Mary still wakes up to them, because Metro Morning is still way better than commercial radio, but I lie there cringing, half asleep, every morning waiting for Jill Dempsey to roll out her laugh during the banter break after the news. I could maybe take a "heh" at that hour, but the bedroom is really no place for a "HA! HA! HA!"


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