Wednesday, June 1, 2011


On their first anniversary, he presented her with an elaborate hand-lettered card.
     “But what is it?” she asked.
     “It’s our equation,” he said.
     “But what does it mean?”
     “Well, technically, it’s all nonsense, and I really had to fudge the notation . . .
     “No,” she said. “What’s with the arrow in the middle?”
     “Don’t you remember from school?” he pleaded. “That’s the greater-than sign. What I’m trying to say is that together we are greater than the sum of our parts.”
     So, at least he was trying. But all she could see there was the finger from his I’m with Stupid t-shirt.
Photo by chelo.face


  1. Diminuendo al Niente: They were a pretty good bunch of characters. But they were hard to get away from, and although I tried to block it out, the work was punctuated by an acute feeling of never being done. Even though they sometimes came to me with their ideas, it was always up to me, and dealing with them for that period shifted the way I handled other things in my life. We all knew it couldn’t last, and in the end I didn’t need to spell it out. Despite their good intentions, the toll was greater than the sum of their hearts.

  2. i took that pic. :D


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