Monday, May 24, 2010

Coma Berenices

Atlanta would wait until dark for her swim, her white legs slipping into the still, black water, her long amber hair flecked with stars.
     “A natural redhead,” said Hercules, smiling.
     “And you know, how?” asked Nick.
     “Nothing like that,” said Hercules. “A party by the river. She showed up late with some dude, it was really hot, and they were already drunk enough just to strip right away and dive in . . . ”
     “Can we talk about something else?”
     “. . . a remarkable sight, really, considering what most girls end up sacrificing down there for guys just looking for a little tail.”
     Anything else.
Photo by Christophe Gilbert.


  1. yep...all too willing sacrifice...and it comes with a price...

  2. nicely done.....thanks for sharing this

  3. You don't have to that drunk to strip off and dive in. Getting out is another matter. And the sacrifice deal, what does he surrender? Fair is fair.

  4. Rewritten, yet again, for dVerse. One day, I'll get this thing right.

  5. At least where I live younger women are becoming equally aggressive as well, at least some of them, in the REAL DANCE halls of life..:)

    The 'playing' field is getting even, day by day.....

  6. all meaningful things come with a cost, even to the gods.

  7. Oh .. she seems to be able to take care of herself really.. wonder who's sacrifice is the largest in the end.


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