Friday, February 4, 2011


Things have changed since Steve and I met. We are different people. For instance, back then Steve used to sleep on his back with his hands folded on his chest, never moving at all during the night. Now, because of the various infirmities that age inflicts, he shifts position more during the night – because of his back or his shoulder starting to ache. Plus he snores more. This bothers me, however I tolerate it because I am still very happy in our relationship. But, I wonder what bothersome things I have started doing, and if they are tolerable to Steve?

From the beginning Steve did things I would not tolerate in other human beings, but they did not bug me at all when he did them. Or they bugged me, but I thought them worth enduring. Moving in together was incredibly stress free, we simply made room for each other in our lives. Currently we are each staking new territory in areas previously occupied by parenting concerns that have been freed up. So far, the give and take on that front has been successful. The next test will be whether we can stand being around one another when we retire.

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