Friday, August 24, 2012

Cue the Psychedelic Furs

It’s September soon and I’m longing to turn back time. Not to when Dan was little—I still shudder when I cross through our local park with its elephantine graveyard of extruded plastic toys and loathsome Strollertariat. I don’t want to relive his babyhood or be a new mom again, but rather, I want to be the one finishing high school and courting universities. I’m jealous of his youth. Middle age certainly has its perks: financial solvency, unconditional love and better stuff, but being blasé over the new IKEA catalogue is cold comfort for the phantom pain of imagined regret.

Image: Mars Water


  1. "…is cold comfort for the phantom pain of imagined regret." Very eloquent Laurie. I love it.

  2. Mike - this is bizarre but I know you'll get this - the image of the old man sitting on the chair in the album cover pictured above (and I have no idea who this band is) was one that I painted in Beharry's grade 12 art class. Either someone found the photograph in a 1979 National Geographic or they went to a garage sale in Elliot Lake and found my painting.

    Thanks so much for reading my stuff!


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