Saturday, November 9, 2013

but can you touch

                                                      a praying mantis?
       can you smell rain or snakes or cancer?
       can you see russia from alaska?
       could you hear music as it’s playing on the moon?
       could you see mars last night or tuesday
            or taste spinach in a smoothie?
       should you feel guilty killing zombies?
       would you feel
                                       getting shot
                                                                in the head?
       oh: you. should you now be inclined to censure,
       you who touch your chest on bench press,
       you who hear from your ex-boyfriend everyday
                                      (that’s a lot)
       i suggest that you drink heavily
       i suggest that you tread lightly
       i suggest you let a praying mantis pray.

Image: Mantis.


  1. a spinach smoothie...not sounding very appetizing...though i have seen broccoli ice cream...

    i like preying mantis as well...had one that live on our porch for a bit...

  2. Pfft if a zombie is going to eat me, I'll go on a head shot spree

  3. letting others live and be as they are...sounds good to me...spinach smoothie...ugh...not so much...smiles

  4. whimsical but reflective, a fun read

  5. music as it's playing on the moon sounds beautiful. :-)


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