For those of you intimidated by the prospect of digging through hundreds and hundreds of stories, no matter how short they may be, here we gather some of our favourites, sorted by themes to which, for some reason, we keep on returning.

Like Cats and Dogs

The animals here tend more to the metaphorical variety; but if you keep your eyes open, you may catch a real cat or dog passing through. Also watch out for the poop. Read more »

A Brief Musical Interlude

Presenting a K-Tel sized collection of the Corps’s greatest hits on a musical theme. Read more »

cherry chocolate covered melt

Candy Crush

If you’re worried the Corps may like their candy just a little too much, keep an eye out for our collected thoughts on oral hygiene. Read more »

On the Buses

A surprisingly large number of these stories are about the actual buses we’ve known, while in others a bus was the only way we could get there. Read more »

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