Monday, August 13, 2012

Husky Cross

Again I saw That Woman with one of my rez dogs. She’s with That Man, the one who had a cable access show on Toronto architecture; the one who crawled up his own arse to retrieve his triangular scale and got lost. She won’t let her dog play with other dogs. In a First World quandary, I spend the afternoon wondering why her behavior bothers me. Is it because it’s antisocial and cruel to the dog? Or is her snub proof that she senses, and is repulsed by, my debilitating need to be liked? Either way, she’s an epic twat. 

1 comment:

  1. Hey Laurie! I was just reading some comments on Facebook on a photo of Laurie Prieur and Janet Arsenault and I saw your name and thought it was familiar. Thankfully you have an actual photo of yourself as your profile picture on Facebook.

    I saw this link on your profile and thought I'd check it out. Cool stuff. Hope your doing good and all is well with your life. You always seemed like a fun-loving, sensitive girl in high school and I hope those traits led you to a place of happiness.

    I hope you don't think I'm "creeping"…I just thought it was cool to see a familiar face from the past.



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