Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cherry Red

Soon after we’d moved into the house, my sister fell down the basement stairs. I found her first, lying very still on the concrete floor with one perfect spot of red not far from her head. It was the exact colour and shape of the blood cells I’d seen in Life magazine, and so I was immediately worried that the impact had been so severe that it had somehow ejected this single giant cell from her brain.
     The cell turned out to be a piece the cherry Lifesaver she’d been sucking on. All she really had was a fractured skull.

Image from Red Spot II by Wassily Kandinsky.


  1. oh my...a fractured skull is not all that light...glad it was just a life saver...which itself is rather ironic...

  2. A macabre, but hopeful Mag! LOL

  3. That was all? Well all's well I trust. smiles

  4. A fractured skull? Well, nothing to worry about there, then!


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