Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 19-21, 1988

Back in the good old days when Reagan was president and Mulroney was prime minister, you’d have never convinced me I’d ever refer to 1988 as the “good old days,” but that year’s G7 in Toronto was positively quaint compared to the recent G20. Security was tight but not oppressive, and the climate such that world leaders might even pass amongst us. In fact, I was working downtown when Aggie came in all excited from seeing Margaret Thatcher driving past in her limousine. Thatcher had given her a smile and a polite little wave, and Aggie gave Maggie the finger.


  1. ...aww... that finger hits me so surprisingly unexpected... but oh... i was entertained by your post... smiles...

  2. ha..that finger hit me unexpected as well...probably as unexpected as maggie...probably her smile froze..

  3. She must have been from the Trudeau era! lol

  4. Boy, I've seldom seen such vitriol upon the death of a public figure!

  5. Well, Maggie certainly was expressive! Kate, ABC Team

  6. Honestly I am not such a fan of the "Iron Lady" maybe she was good in the beginning but then she was a catastrophe especially to workers and also towards the European Union.
    ABC Team

  7. I think Thatcher was a strong woman who broke a lot of barriers. It's like being a single mother in a way, except your kid is the whole country.

    Sure, she made mistakes, but she was not George W. Bush, probably the most incompetent, vengeful president we ever had. I say cut the girl a break.

    Having said that, the idea of giving Thatcher the finger? Yeah, I can see it... Not what I'd do, but I guess when the window is rolled up and there's a point to be made, what the hell? Hee hee... Amy

  8. She certainly was remarkable and a good mate of Ronald Reagan.
    On the other hand.....I was active in the peace movement....;)


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