Saturday, September 28, 2013

Being in love with a bear

It’s awkward being in love with a bear 
First off, what can you say to the parents? 
You can say, “He’s dedicated to work 
’Cause, Dad, bearhood is no song and dance 
No beer, no skittles, no coffee breaks
Eating offal from seals takes real stamina.” 
You can say, “Daddy, at least he’s white and 
Remember what you said about Angelo 
Yes you did too say that and I was so 
Ashamed I wouldn’t visit you for months and
Yes, such arguments divert the parents 
But truth told, being in love has got to be 
Awkward, standing hair on end. 

Image: Catrin Welz-Stein.


  1. Eating offal from seals takes stamina....haha...oh yes it does... he has such soft fur...maybe that would be my argument...smiles.. love falls where it falls...what can you do...? smiles

  2. ha. you'll have to let me know if the argument worked on dear dad...i would not want to make the bear angry so i think i might just go for it...too funny...who can predict love?

  3. First, love the title ~ Second, what conversations we will have with our parents ~ Lastly, being in love is terrifying (liking that ending) ~ Creative piece, we used the same imagery ~

  4. That's got to be a bear trying to impress your folks, very clever too!

  5. Ha, this made me smile. It definitely would be a bit awkward being in love with a bear!! Perhaps being in love PERIOD has its awkward moments, bear or not. Smiles.

  6. At least he's white--- that stings

    parental acceptance is such a challenge... why love is not enough many times.

  7. Got carried away by the tittle! Love it, and the expression as a whole!

  8. Hmmm, I'm guessing Mom and Dad are going to be a hard sell... cute all the way around

  9. A well expressed axiom in your write!
    Awkward, choosing between family or love,
    something to live with forever?
    Love can be fleeting, or fleeing? Axioms.

  10. "You can say, “Daddy, at least he’s white " Classic! Ah, family....

  11. Kathy, Good advice for Marian Engel.


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