Thursday, September 26, 2013

HEY! (The already-outdated kimchi taco chant)

HEY! is the new hi rooibos the new chai
gluten is the new egg yolk fake’s the newest fur
kimchi the new taco and gambling new tobacco
for hipsters the new yuppies labradoodles their new puppies
sigh for rhinos the new dodos clap for katniss the new frodo
winning hunger like a new board game but HEY!
HEY! it’s the new hi syria’s in the news why
war is lame the new retarded like wispy bangs the new cross-
HEY! they’re the next hi and netflix the new sky’s
got ben the latest batman wearing cheetah: the new black. HEY!

Image: Steamy Kitchen.


  1. Kimchi taco outdated already? Never had one, but I REALLY love kimchi. Love your presentation here.

  2. hahaha...too funny....and funny too how quick the trends change what is in now will be out by the time i get home...i like some kin chi.....

  3. I like this a lot! It captures very well the pace of the changes you're describing.

  4. It's a constant battle to keep up to speed on everything... but hey that's needed ..

  5. love the rolling sound of this

  6. What fun to read ~ And we were just having tacos for dinner ~ Smiles ~


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