Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hunters and Gatherers

Serious Aspergery-collecting, like monolithic rows of albums or floor to ceiling libraries tends to be a man thing. How many of us had boys who lined their cars up in single file from kitchen to couch? It’s too deeply entrenched in their DNA to fix. But seeking out bits of dross is a completely female addiction, running from the mildly artistic vintage teak to the truly heinous plaster angel or cat figurine varieties. Junk is consumer poutine. It’s bad for us and makes our houses fat. Over time I've learned to resist stuff. Just don’t look in my yarn cupboard.


  1. Intriquing blog. You hooked me with the Hunters and Gatherers piece. My hobby is walking for exercise and weight control and staying motivated by searching for lost change and other valuables left on the curbs. The MoneyWalker will soon feature his own take on urban "hunters and gatherers."

  2. Very cool. Love the phrase MoneyWalker. Thanks for reading our stuff and taking the time to comment! Cheers, L.


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