Saturday, January 29, 2011

Summer of ’73

Lynda Day George was in town for the summer, filming what would eventually be released as the made-for-TV classic called She Cried Murder. Hot from her stint in the long-running television series Mission Impossible, she of course had top billing, even over such other notables as Kate Reid and Telly Savalas. She was the star, and had I known, perhaps I wouldn’t have done what I did, but she was awfully pretty and not at all what you’d expect from Hollywood, and so, with my friends goading me on, I moved in and picked her up, right on the set.

Thing was, she liked to hang around between her scenes and mingle with the people who’d come by to watch a movie being made. She especially liked the kids, and although I was only twelve at the time, she unwittingly taught me one of the first important things I learned about women, when us boys started showing off and bragging how high they could lift her. Because after all, we thought, how could such a lovely lady be anything but delicate and dainty? So, yes, I did try to pick her up—a few inches, maybe—but women are heavy!

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