Friday, June 11, 2010

Dear Friend…

Please forgive me for trying to break the friends-of-friends barrier, but I felt I’d gotten to know Pat and Mike well enough to invite them without your permission. And I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings by not inviting you, but this really was more of a couple thing and there were only two spaces left. And although I can appreciate how important you think it is to share these feelings with me, I certainly won’t be reciprocating, because the real reason I did not invite you is that I was pretty sure you’d have ruined it for everyone else.


  1. Sounds as though your "friend" is a little insecure. Hey ho, life goes on.

  2. maybe a social climber. I'm sorry but they have more influence than you do...been there...guess I still am.

  3. Wow! Powerful! So well written with such a strong point.


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