Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy Birthday! Never Mind.

If you gathered all the people I know who were born in 1961, at the front of the line would be my poker buddy and reluctant Facebook friend, Marc Egan. He claims he signed up only to see some photos another friend had posted, and so there’s never been much to his profile but for the single delightful fact that he was born on New Year’s Day, which today would’ve made him the first of us to turn 50, except that, when I wished him the Happy Birthday I’d been saving all year, he confessed he had faked the date.


  1. That is hilarious. :) Excellent flow in your words.


  2. ha faked the date...i am sure there are plenty of new year babies out there...used to be the first born got something, dont remember....hmmm....happy new year!

  3. haha...oh my... i'm born on the 5th of january (not in 61 thought..)..a bit earlier and...smiles...but never mind...i always hated to be born so close to christmas and new year..smiles

  4. oh - and i meant not a bit earlier as 61 - actually a bit later - but a bit earlier in the year and i had made it to the 1st of january maybe...


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