Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Dover-Calais Ferry Sign

     Sara entered solemnly, cupping her front tooth in her velvety change purse. Daddy had said leave it for the Tooth Fairy, but she’d agitated to ride the ferry to Calais again. Where she’d read the secret sign.
     Bita found she’d taken the pregnancy test to the ferry wharf. On board, the darlingest little girl, clutching a velvet purse, held the loo door open. Then Bita saw the sign . . . another omen for the queasy five-minute countdown. 
     Viv’s been waiting her entire five-minute break for the stall. She doesn’t flush the grey hair soon, she’ll fucking set the paper towels on fire.

Image: Laurie Leclair.


  1. Oh yes, what a superbly surreal piece..words plucked out of pink flesh bin..love it! Jae

  2. What a great commentary on three lives in the loo.

  3. You could almost write a whole book about these three! Loved it.

  4. Three tales in one write...each one could be its own story...nice work

  5. pink is such a lovely color...

  6. Great work done by analysing the truth abt the story. One can enjoy a leasurely trip with cheap ferries in the three tales.


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