Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I’ve had but three serious relationships in my troubled romantic career.
     My first girlfriend was smart as a whip but cold in bed, hopelessly insecure, and shy.
     The second was vivacious—at least that’s what she’d claimed in her ad—outgoing and overly confident, but with a laugh that could turn heads in a noisy room.
     The third I’ll call Goldilocks, because she was just right, somehow combining the best of her predecessors while patching over the worst . . . the porridge, the chair, and the bed—everything in balance, and a welcome respite from the extremes I had come to expect.


  1. The charm of the third try ... three strikes ~~ and you've hit a home run.

  2. The true Goldilocks couldn't be found in an ad...

    Nice Roy

  3. Well, I hope you walked up in your place this evening and found her in your chair. :)

  4. oh how i am waiting for the 'just right'!!!! Ha...maybe an ad is the wrong place to look???...loved it ;-)

  5. How cool--you patterned this after the story of Goldilocks--I love it.

  6. Finding a willing Goldilocks would be hard nowadays, she'd recognise you for Daddy Bear instantly and not want anything to do with you, being married to Mummy Bear.

  7. This was a Goldilocks write...perfectly pleasing...

  8. I'm happy he found his Goldilocks...

  9. Love the way you used the chairs.

    I always do these things too fast and then come up with the Goldilocks one--the one I should have posted!

    I like the story aspect of all of these serial posts. K.


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