Friday, March 26, 2010

New Smothers

I enjoyed being a new mom, I just didn’t like hanging around other new mothers. They were mostly gals with spurious CBC jobs, bemoaning their 36 weeks maternity leave. Once, I nearly got into an argument—something I only do with friends—at an Aqua Tot’s swimming lesson. Two women were having a cat fest over a third, unconnected to our group. She had a tiny girl with pierced ears.
     “Foreign.” One of them sniffed.
     “So cruel!” Returned the other.
     After casting a final disapproving look they returned to stuffing their little boys’ circumcised penises into their respective waterproof Kushies.


  1. Too bad I didn't know you then!

  2. Knowing that but for some scheduling I could have been with you and Mary makes the experience even more unsavory!


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