Monday, March 15, 2010

The Steam Box

On their website, Dupray Industries of Montreal, Quebec, competently markets a portable Steam Box capable of directing a blast at 145psi and 378ºF which, together with its detergent injection system, makes it ideal for the removal of old chewing gum from concrete surfaces . . . all of which entirely fails to capture the magic of walking down Yonge Street at 3:00 AM towards the low pulse of machinery and the hiss of steam outside the Charles Promenade, the fat plexiglass display cases like treasure-filled bubbles floating above the clouds, the smell of exotic fruit in the air, the slightest hint of mint.

Click here to see the full image by Citatus on Flickr.


  1. Your prose poem scampers beautifully into my sphere; love the juxtaposition of sterile technology with the sweetness & glow in our 3 a.m. walk. Really snared me.


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