Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Obey this Sign

I think more signs should be like those they put up around the subway yards to keep people from hopping the fence: “Trespassers May Be Electrocuted.” Instead of just telling you what to do, it vividly describes the consequences of not doing it.
     So, in that vein, how about “No Smoking within 50 ft . . . BOOM!”
     Or “Slippery When Wet . . . CRASH!”
     Believe it or not, what’s got me thinking about this is the guy who sells ice-cream in our neighbourhood; and who, apparently, has already adopted this approach with the warning painted on the back of his truck: “Caution Children . . . SLUSH!”

Image from a photo by Toronto Type.


  1. I'm warned for sure. Agree it would help.

  2. LOL!!! So True! I blog about symbols, signs and illusions and together we could come up with one AWESOME set of signs!!!!

    Have a great week.

  3. Warnings are good...
    Graphic works wonders
    "Slush" Oh my...that says it all.

  4. Oh yes it will probably mean Zap to oblivion.
    Joy - ABC Team

  5. What a great idea, - some people are just defiant about obeying signs and need the consequences pointed out to them.

  6. Yep, the fewer words, the better!

  7. Signs says it all.


    Over and over again, I am always late commenting, but, trying to catch up.
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team.


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