Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Real Doctor

“Huh,” said the technician and left, which wasn’t exactly how Maggie thought pre-natal ultrasounds worked.
     After half an hour, an intern stepped in, nodding hello furtively. He looked about 16 and shifted the ultrasound wand around like he was learning to drive stick. “Huh," he said.
     “Isn’t my baby okay?” Maggie asked.
     “Baby?” said the intern, wearily. “That’s an island inside you.”
      Thankfully what looked like a real doctor arrived just then. “Diagnosis?” she asked, calm and crisp.
     “Island," said the intern, uncertainly adding, “The bridge looks manmade."
     “Huh,” said the real doctor. “I’d say archipelago.”
     Maggie began to scream.

Image (and additional stories inspired by it): Magpie Tales


  1. a beautifully unique take on the prompt, love it (& i rather think i would scream too)

  2. Wonderful .. wonderful .. wonderful!!! What a zany sense of humor you have.

  3. So Rosemary's Baby...good for you...still giggling/screaming...

  4. Huh. Maybe a peninsula? Great take!


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