Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cave Art School

Thog’s mind wandered as Master Krok droned on about figurative representation. In the guttering light of a bear-oil lamp, the other students listened attentively; but as Krok turned to sketch a hunter on the cave wall with his charcoal stick, they made monkey faces behind his back. Krok’s hunter was nothing but a stickman, but one of the students asked an ingratiating question about perspective. Thog snorted and shifted impatiently. Old Krok was too beholden to the Establishment. He had no vision. Thog tuned out his answer, thinking about the vibrant, raging bison he would draw next to Krok’s stickman.

Image: The Sciolist


  1. Your words brought my imgaination there, in a cave, the coldness of the stone walls- and the MOMMY in me also couldn't help but be brought back to when I watched "Brother Bear" with my munchkins :)

  2. no respect for the teacher these days


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