Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Meet the Maples

On autumn weekends, Mrs. Maple liked nothing better than to cram the little saplings into the back of the Civic and drive to the retirement villa to admire the changing seniors. She’d ooh and aah at their pale cataracts and crow’s feet, the delicious fawns of their liver spots. The saplings would hip-hop the villa grounds, scouting out the longest white hairs to wax for their scrapbooks. When he was just a sprout, Mr. Maple himself had found a clump of prime grey, mysteriously snagged on a picket fence. Every Christmas, it held pride of place on the Maple mantelpiece.

Image: Yvonne Boothroyd.


  1. smiles...what a story...and well esp. the part with the saplings hip-hopping the villa grounds...nice...

  2. You had me going. I had to reread the first part to make sure of the personified trees. I love how it works either way. I enjoyed this little piece of story.


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