Monday, February 27, 2012

Pin Head

A fresh paper wheel of pins sat in my mom’s sewing drawer. They displayed in pairs: Red-red, black-black, yellow-yellow, blue-blue. When I pushed them through my doll’s head they became perfect adornment for her ears. And as long as I refrained from over zealously squeezing her little PVC face the look was safe as well as fashionable. After Laurette died I rediscovered these pins, fewer and smaller than I remembered, their cardboard mooring now long lost. Beautiful old pins-the type once used by Cold War strategists and now appropriated by lace-makers. But for me always dangerously fetching Barbie jewelry.

Image: Le monde épinglé by Jenny Brial.


  1. And who can ever forget the great Barbie head in the sewer incident! That nasty boy next door popped the head off and down it went..needing to be fished out....remember that!

    1. Oh my God Chris! You remember this - obviously the Ken's head in the sewer made an impact on both of us:

  2. Ooo! I did this! But my Mom snipped the ends before putting them in.....for safety! They also, quite nicely, anchored hair bows!

    Thanks for sharing this!

    Collage Pirate

  3. Hey Mimi - never thought about hair bows! Thanks for having a read! L.


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