Monday, February 20, 2012

Headed toward Eden

Having driven out Adam and Eve, G-d set us cherubim at the Garden’s East Gate, bestowing upon us a restless sword of twisting fire. Vigorously did we wield her, till came the Renaissance and one tenacious motherfucker of a heresy. Besotted with some pissant little Graeco-Roman dart-throwing flowerbitch of a pseudo-deity named Cupid, the artists painted out our G-d-given sword and wedged us into diapers, fatted like calves. We’re big in chocolates now. Valentines. Wall ornamentuary. But every so often, one of us breaks free, making space again to wield that fiery sword. And harkens for footfalls, headed toward Eden.

Image: Roy Schulze.


  1. This is truly beautiful!

    Colllage Pirate

  2. So good Kathy. I'm bummed I missed this around Valentine's Day, but glad I caught it now. Greatest smackdown of Cupid ever -- SMA

  3. Posted to the dVerse Poets Pub at: It's not quite a poem. Maybe more along the lines of lyric prose with attitude?

  4. ha...yeah we have cut the angels down to size, taken their power to make them cute and digestible...

  5. Gave cupid an arrow all your own, very nicely done.

  6. So very clever, Kathy. Fun contrasts between the religious and the profane.


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