Sunday, September 25, 2022

100 Words for Stephen

Yesterday we said goodbye to another wonderful human. I listened to the eulogy, engaged in trying to subtle-cry, my tears indulgent and my sorrow insignificant and showy compared to that of his young family. But here’s a short list of who he was; a marvellous combination that made up this precious man:
Husband — Father — Friend
Neighbour — Artist — Wit
Musician — Animal guy
Raconteur — Reader
Designer of dog rescue logos and banners
Painter — Stick-thrower — Child-schlepper
My kid’s employer — Energy-giver
Confidence booster
Volunteer — Scooter wrangler
Porch sitter — Naturalist — Pundit
Best “my boy as one of the lost capybaras” Hallowe’en costume-maker
  · · ·

Inspired by Traumatic Times. The image is an unfinished sketch of Nim and Holly by Stephen Dutcheshe.


  1. A Beautiful Soul, a loving reflection. I’m so sorry for your loss. May peace follow in time. With Love,


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