Saturday, March 26, 2011

Family Ties

Barbara retired to the family cottage on the shore of Lake Huron, where she had spent her childhood summers. Her mother always kept it just so, and Barbara dedicated her time to maintaining its quaint perfection, each and every heirloom properly cleaned and dusted, and in its place. A tribute to her family’s illustrious history. When Mom visited Barbara spoke fondly of her nephew; her brother’s child who would carry on the family name. She hoped he would visit, but he had not been there since he was a child, when he came with his parents to escape the city.

By the time it was diagnosed, the cancer had spread too far. Barbara only had a few months left to enjoy her peaceful retreat. Mom stopped by regularly and made sure she had a reliable nurse to care for her. Barbara still held up hope that her nephew would come to visit. She died with that hope unfulfilled. When the nurse called to let Mom know, Mom called the nephew. He did not show up to help arrange the funeral or the memorial, but a truck showed up the next day to empty the cottage of all the precious heirlooms.

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