Thursday, September 22, 2011

Chicken Little and the NASA Space Junk

It was the last straw, thought Henny. She had humored her husband, Chicken, through his Millenial panics. Avoided flying September 11th. Even conceded when he didn’t want the chicks getting flu shots. But his new edict, “Eggs are bad for you,” was flat-out ridiculous. First she’d dial 1-800-DIVORCE (348-6723). Then, invite that handsome Rooster Cogburn over for a nice greasy fry-up.
     She had just picked up the phone, when Chicken Little dove into the hutch, screaming, “The sky is fa—”
     The settlement from the fall of NASA’s Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite would buy Henny Cogburn many a delightful Eggs Benny.

Image: VintageChildren'

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