Friday, July 23, 2010


Hallowe’en is probably my favourite holiday. Partially because of dressing up. After all I was a costume designer. I have a big trunk of crazy garb at the ready. I love the idea of disguising yourself to fool the devil so he won’t take you. So deliciously pagan. Also because it is a celebration that brings people out of their houses. The neighbourhood comes alive for a few hours once a year - starting in the morning, when you see all the tots heading to class in their get-ups. I usually wear something goofy to work, too – like spider earrings.

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  1. Halloween is also probably my favourite holiday of the year. My birthday precedes Halloween by a few days so I've always felt a strong connection; I guess I associate Halloween with the most personal day of the year (for me), and perhaps with my beginnings. I too love that the neighbourhood comes alive and that people are out in the streets; it's very exciting (I think my love of Halloween instilled a proclivity in me to love Nuit Blanche, which is my favourite event of the year).


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