Thursday, January 5, 2012

Buy Any Other Name

“Were you my girlfriend,” I said to Maureen, “I wouldn’t bore you with roses on Valentine’s Day, I’d give you . . . Peonies!” in yet another bout of barroom bravado from the boy who knew nothing of peonies beyond the funny name; who, come February, would search in vain for their blooms among more traditional fare; who’d eventually have to settle for a perfectly respectable crocus— supplemented with a poem, mind you—that ended:

     Still there is a better reason . . .
     The peony is out of season,
     And, though it may be really nice,
     It can’t be bought at any price.

No dice.


  1. a crocus for valentine sounds like the perfect flower to me..smiles..this is lovely

  2. smiles....ha, no know, any flower will do...until you open your mouth and brag that you will setting the expectation...smiles...

  3. lol love the no dice ending. A flower is a flower to me though, although the cat will eat any at my hall.

  4. The joke would have backfired twice - learn this of peonies: When they're picked within hours they shatter. It is a sad commentary on a relationship. Stick to the durables...with flowers and girls. Most prefer daisies!

  5. I don't think the words "No dice" will go over all that well, but being out of the market these days, who knows? However any gesture is better than none.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Robin. I did not intend "no dice" to be read as part of the poem, but I can see how you thought that it was. "No dice" was the response to the poem, and so I've changed the format of the piece to make that a little more obvious.


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