Thursday, May 12, 2011

La Femme Nikita

Jackie Earle’s Academy Award nomination rekindled the yard’s debate. Flamingo maintained that, as the tinfoil swan in the car masturbation scene, Dove had manifested a delicate butoh sensibility. “Props!” scoffed Raven. An Owl chick snickered. Dove hung his head.
     “Always the toilet paper ads for me,” Swan now murmured beside him,“never a dark night of the soul.” He had been noticing her silences, sensing in them not so much envy as an inchoate yearning to smash through boundaries of her own.
     He looked up.
     She twined her neck appraisingly. “Wanna come over, watch La Femme Nikita?”
     Raven watched them go.

The sequel to this story is Me Time.


  1. Nicely done (and a clever work-in of Nikita!)

  2. "..always toilet paper"! too funny, Swan, the Tom Hanks of the avian world.


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