Saturday, May 28, 2011

Interrobang, ‽

Consider the interrobang, a composite of the question mark and exclamation point. Was there something wrong with one or the other? Do we really need another punctuation mark!? Surely this signifies the death of nuance and subtlety, our ability to make a point by slight inflection, a measured meter, a calm Churchillian cadence. Weren’t these enough?! I suppose if you text or converse in 140 character bursts there’s no time to think. Maybe you spend a lot of time e-shouting and need a QUICK WAY TO CONVEY YOUR MOOD? BUT DIDN’T WE KNOW HOW TO DO THIS BEFORE THE INTERROBANG!?

1 comment:

  1. Before this blog, I'd never seen an interrobang and I can't say I like it, mainly because it's hard to know it's even there. It's a wart on a question mark.(My bigger rants are about cleve/r uses of the slash and brack(et).) But I like wtf which does the same as interrobang.


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